-This page is a home for the remnants of my creative output, past, present and future.
Snapshots of works dreamt, nurtured, cultivated and hand-fed into fruition.
My inspiration stems from the warm and inviting cacophony of my universe.
Friends, family, silly stuff I might see on the side of the road, or in my home.
Silly ideas people may have, including my own. A myth for myself.
A myth with evasive moral fibers and inconsequential ethical dilemmas.
A myth that may or may not have deep spiritual meaning, yet one which I am very
reluctant to divulge, or perhaps not while inebriated. Once a piece of art has been
finished, the meaning a viewer infers can be just as valuable as mine.
I feel an in depth treatise on a work has the ability to negate a viewers opinion.
Therefore when a description is given I try my best to kept it short and sweet.
Inspirational, illegitimate poetry designed to inspire.
I understand this can be a horrible way to tell a story, call me out on it,
I may call Horseshit. Really, I have his number.